Cardboard Contraption makes video games focused around the theme of childhood imagination and creativity. These games take place in imaginary worlds filled with inspiration from the protagonist’s favorite movies and comics.
Reality Runner
Free on Android and iOS
Reality Runner is an endless, side-scrolling game in which the player directs a spaceship though an obstacle filled, imaginary world. Press and hold to raise the ship and release to lower in order to avoid obstacles or position yourself to shoot obstacles. Purchase ammo and more powerful spaceships in the store with Creative Juices found throughout the alien planet or earned by completing missions and watching videos. 
Escape From Reality
Free on Android 
Fight off an endless assault of asteroids and alien spaceships as you travel through space. Use your left thumb to direct your spaceship and your right thumb to fire your weapon. Fly over thought bubbles to collect a power-up, then press the icon to use it. If you're lucky, you could even transform into a T-Rex flying an F-14!!!

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